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My guess is that 85% of you tend to support the Democrats over the Republicans, since it is the former that argues for addressing global warming. That is understandable. My opinion is that there are so many other negatives counting against the Dems, that I rather resent them trying to hold me hostage over this one issue. I think it is a sad mistake to make the issue partisan, feeding the old black-versus-white paradigm, (which is so convenient to divide-and-conquer elites). We had a massive wave of populism around 2015-2016, and this was splintered off into left-versus-right by both parties. As indicated in the community, o_c_c_u_p_y, the real polarity is between we, the 99%, and the controlling elites. Since warming is a global problem, I would rather have had the issue shared by that 99%, i.e., both major parties. (Certainly, a handful of elites believe in global warming, whereas the status-quo economy of the globe, in which many elites are deeply invested, is not interested in adjusting for global warming. Thus, a big answer to global stress, by most elites, is forced depopulation).

The sharing of concern over global warming, by both parties, is not going to happen any time soon. However, as a student of politics, it is my informed hope that, should Trump regain the presidency, and 'his' economy is back on its feet, he would start taking action on climate change, even going so far to make an address that the threat is real. It has been clear to me that Trump is aware, and informed, that climate change exists, and is a serious threat. The army, for one, has known this for decades. Just as his support for LGBT was occluded by the Evangelicals, Trump's public action on global warming has been, so far, thwarted by the Petro States, and his insistence on charging up the economy, in order to boost jobs, and get himself reelected. We have seen how the virus, etc., has cut into Trump's success on the economy. A lot of false or misleading information has been coming out on COVID, concerning its lethality, on the efficacy of lockdowns, on hydroxychloroquine being ineffective, on Trump's ability to manage ventilators, tests and vaccines. Disgustingly, the 'Democratic' party has moved in to obey the edict of Rahm Emmanuel, "Never let a good crisis go to waste." Obviously, this virus has been used as a means to oppose Trump, (a la, Russiagate), and gain election victories for Democrats. By hook or by crook.

Nothing can convey my disappointment in what the Democrat party has become. I supported Obama and Sanders. I now refuse to sell my soul over to this now-destructive movement which is being funded by Soros, China and Big Tech. Being anti-violence, and anti-war, and anti-tyranny, I refuse to support the Democrats, just because they say they will fight regarding global warming. The Green New Deal is a mistake because it hooks up liberal causes, like poverty reduction and help for illegal aliens, to policies on climate change. This is wrong, it is stupid, it is vain and meant to be non-productive. Like the abortion issue, it is meant to garner votes, and not garner action from across the aisle. The full version of the Green New Deal is 96 trillion dollars, which is insane. The paired down version is 2 trillion dollars, which Biden has said he supports, and doesn't support. If the Dems were real about addressing climate change,m they would not put a social price tag on it, demanding that, first, people must vote for THEM, if they want to address things scientifically.

But all of this does not mean that Trump is the answer. I support Trump, for various reasons, which do not get into the news. Like, peace in the Middle East. Like keeping us out of wars. Like battling corruption in WDC. Like trying to hold China and Big Tech accountable. Like helping black colleges, and lobbying for COVID relief for the poor. But, you don't have to support Trump, just because the Dems are supporting, "almost peaceful," riots, and so on. IN FACT, this is probably the best time in DECADES to vote for the Green Party! God knows they are against agitated climate change. And God knows they are also liberal and pro-peace. And they aren't big enough to be corrupt, of any significance. They already have allies - in Europe - and in the future! So, this is why it makes sense to vote Green, rather than Trump, and rather than Green New Deal...

If you believe the Dems have gone off their rocker, and you would rather vote for Trump, then why not cote Green, and send a message to both parties that you are serious about the environment?! Voting Green would cut into the Dem vote, and help get Trump elected. This will send a message to him, and to the Dems, that it is time to stop dinking around on climate change, and get real, and get moving - without all the heavy baggage of Green New Deal social programmes, and without holding the status-quo economy in such esteem, as in the case of Trump.

On the other hand, if you are fairly OK with the Dems, and believe all their polls, including the one that says Trump is up by 17% in Wisconsin, and you know Biden is going to win, no matter what, then why not go Green instead? This would not cut into a Dem victory, in your view, and it would send a solid sign to the Dems that you really want to get serious on climate change, and want to stop all the political games. If Biden is really so certain to win, as his media tell us he is, then now is the time to vote Green, and still get corrupt Biden for president! (According to this view. According to another view, Trump would win).

We desperately need third and fourth and fifth parties in the USA. Now is a great time to underline that point. Today, there is less cognitive dissonance associated with that choice than in any other time in history. So, wtf, vote Green! Step out of this endlessly insane body-modification politic. It the one way you can go without compromising or selling out! Think - outside of the political box!

Note - I'll be writing more about Biden perfidy, and corruption, and sex abuse, in my own journal soon. Probably. To go to the portal for more writing on this, go HERE.

BTW - I am interested - not that you would say so now, after this post - but, are there any climate warriors out there who will not be voting for Biden. It's a private matter, but you can say so if you like.

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