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madman101 in w_a_r_m_i_n_g

Journey To The Great Barrier Reef

Please note that, after photographing wildlife in the outback, our friend, sirterrywatts, is currently on a Journey To The Great Barrier Reef. As you know, this region is under serious assault from global warming and ocean acidification. You can see his pics of the Reef as well as of Australian wildlife at his journal!


We still aren't doing enough!
I agree(!)

I think the exploitive, pro-profit system we are under always thinks last to clean up after itself. And I feel we may always be tragically too far behind the curve. But the point is to keep trying.

Thank you.
You hit the nail right on the head!

We must keep trying harder! Faster!
Your first comment prompted me to do the next post.

Glad I could prompt.

I take climate change serious. Maybe I have before there was a public concern as the Indian crying along the highway had a real impression on me.

Every species goes extinct at some point in time. Every! It's dire and frightening but people may need to get panicky about sea levels rising, reefs dying, pollution, companies still polluting. If every single person on the earth planted just one tree a day for a month? We might be halfway to recovery. I may not be a scientist but I have a sense of important things. This should be the first thing we think of when we wake. I do.
I'm glad you joined the community. I am big on planting trees, and tried to start an organisation which would do this, and other things, but that is over now.

We are in an extinction level event, and things do not look good for the future. I don't have the energy to expect results anymore, but I believe in trying anyway.

You paint a true picture. I hope you continue to feel this way, and do what you can.
Thank you, always nice to feel welcomed. I multiply plants and plant as much as I can to combat carbon monoxide. I believe it is over for us all really and sooner than we think. I'm always afraid of what scientists don't tell. I think this is exactly what's not happening, so-to-speak. You've done all you can. John Q. Public doesn't "get it". I do...lived in the same town since 71. I feel a heat increase, I see it! Try until we cook, as the plants wither, animals die away, insects stop crawling, oceans boil.

Extinction level event. You're term is far too eloquent but truly correct. I keep hearing everywhere, "climate change is occurring faster than predicted". It's a slow kill, yanno? Unlike an asteroid hit, or an immediate danger as this event is slow and subtle. I only hope to have a cool hand to hold as we burn into obsolete.

I say what I see with my mind's eye and it's not good. Not good at all.


May 2019



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