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Jul. 20th, 2018

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Over the Top

Jul. 16th, 2018

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A Catholic history of the last few months...

Pope Frances Appears to Back Tribal Land Rights in Dakota Access Pipeline Fight

Pope summons oil execs to Vatican to talk climate change

Jerry Taylor, president of the Washington libertarian-oriented think-tank Niskanen Center, said he figures the oil executives will tell the pope they’re willing to accept action, such as a tax on heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions.

“But what is needed is for these oil majors to tell Republican lawmakers of their concern and support for action, not the pope. And this they have not done in any focused, sustained, or meaningful way,” Taylor said in an email. That’s where, he said, the pontiff needs to push them farther on the morality of what they’re doing, he said.

Dana Fisher, a sociologist who studies environmentalism at the University of Maryland, said the pope is cementing his leadership on climate.

“He certainly is trying to lead for the planet and lord knows we need it,” she said.

Gary Yohe, an economics and environment professor at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, said the executives might feel compelled to listen to the spiritual leader of nearly 1.3 billion Catholics.

“This is not somebody you can ignore,” Yohe said. “It might be a come to Jesus moment for them.”


Exxon Quits ALEC After Years of Climate-Denying Collaboration

Pope says climate change and mankind's rampant consumption will turn the Earth into 'rubble, deserts and refuse'

His call came as he warned that climate change, continued unsustainable development and rampant consumption threatens to turn the Earth into a vast pile of “rubble, deserts and refuse”.

Francis made the appeal at a Vatican conference marking the third anniversary of his landmark environmental encyclical Praise Be.

The document, meant to spur action at the 2015 Paris climate conference, called for a paradigm shift in humanity’s relationship with Mother Nature.

In his remarks, Francis urged governments to honour their Paris commitments and said institutions such as the IMF and World Bank had important roles to play in encouraging reforms promoting sustainable development.

“There is a real danger that we will leave future generations only rubble, deserts and refuse,” he warned.

Church of Ireland to end investments in fossil fuel...

Global Climate Movement Celebrates as Ireland Set to Become First Country to Fully Divest From Fossil Fuels

Ireland becomes world's first country to divest from fossil fuels

Irish Parliament Makes History With Vote to Divest Country Fully From Fossil Fuels

350.org – Divestment

The Case for Fossil Fuel Divestment

Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice!

Jul. 14th, 2018

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Exxon Quits ALEC After Years of Climate-Denying Collaboration

Exxon Quits ALEC After Years of Climate-Denying Collaboration

WASHINGTON - In response to Exxon quitting the American Legislative Exchange Council after a spat about climate change, Greenpeace USA Climate and Energy Director Janet Redman said,

“If the American Legislative Exchange Council is too big a climate denier even for Exxon Mobil, then the rest of its members should follow suit and quit this dangerous lobbying organization. It’s clear that Exxon is trying to clear its conscience after collaborating for decades on climate denial with ALEC and its other Koch-backed supporters. The devious partnership between oil companies and lobbying groups has already done irreparable damage to communities including those suing oil companies to pay for the costs of climate damages. It’s a matter of when, not if, Exxon will be held accountable for the time it has cost the world in avoiding catastrophic climate change. This move won’t save Exxon.”

A recent Greenpeace report outlined ALEC’s involvement in propagating anti-protest bills around the United States.

- CommonDreams

Jul. 6th, 2018

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Global warming may be twice what climate models predict

Global warming may be twice what climate models predict

Past warming events suggest climate models fail to capture true warming under business-as-usual scenarios

Future global warming may eventually be twice as warm as projected by climate models under business-as-usual scenarios and even if the world meets the 2°C target sea levels may rise six metres or more, according to an international team of researchers from 17 countries.

The findings published last week in Nature Geoscience are based on observational evidence from three warm periods over the past 3.5 million years when the world was 0.5°C-2°C warmer than the pre-industrial temperatures of the 19th Century.

The research also revealed how large areas of the polar ice caps could collapse and significant changes to ecosystems could see the Sahara Desert become green and the edges of tropical forests turn into fire dominated savanna. "Observations of past warming periods suggest that a number of amplifying mechanisms, which are poorly represented in climate models, increase long-term warming beyond climate model projections," said lead author, Prof Hubertus Fischer of the University of Bern.

"This suggests the carbon budget to avoid 2°C of global warming may be far smaller than estimated, leaving very little margin for error to meet the Paris targets."


Jun. 26th, 2018

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Rising seas: 'Florida is about to be wiped off the map'

Jun. 22nd, 2018

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30 years after Hansen’s testimony

Jun. 15th, 2018

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Climate Change May Spark Global ‘Fish Wars’

Jun. 13th, 2018



Ramp-Up in Antarctic Ice Loss Speeds Sea Level Rise

New Scientist: Alarm as ice loss from Antarctica triples in the past five years

May. 30th, 2018

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Does global warming make tropical cyclones stronger?

May. 28th, 2018



If you doubt that the AMOC has weakened, read this

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